About Me.

Sodiq Yekeen is an experienced .NET Developer possessing the ability to write efficient, scalable, and secure backend codes that processes background tasks or adds utility to a front-end developer design while solving the intended problem.

I am passionate about the impact my skills can have in the world and strongly believe I can create innovative solutions that will transform business processes and accelerate the efficiency and effectiveness of organization’s success. I also have about 2 years experience working with Blazor (an interactive web UI with C#). I am a certified Azure DevOps Engineer with enterprise experience in building and maintaining build and release pipeline.

With all these, it might seem that I am a tough person who does nothing but seat in front of a screen working away but no, I am a Christian, and a lover music (plays the acoustic guitar). I also enjoy cooking and nature (especially taking pictures of the nature). I am a person you can connect with on any level.

It is on this note that I wish to dispense some of my knowledge and ideas to fellow developers, up and coming Software developers and engineers and other interested individuals.