My Resume.

A seasoned Software Developer with over half a decade of experience in building and managing cutting-edge software solutions. Committed to driving excellence in software engineering and delivering innovative solutions that enhance organisational efficiency and effectiveness. Proficient in Web API, C#, .NET Core, and Blazor, underpinned by a solid foundation in SQL Server and database management and Azure DevOps. An effective problem solver with exceptional interpersonal and communication skills. Enthusiastic about continuous learning, sharing knowledge, and mentoring others, fostering a collaborative and innovative development environment.


  • Present SEP 2023



    ⇢ Led the successful upgrade of the password manager browser extension from Manifest V2 to Manifest V3, ensuring continued service for over 5,000 active Chrome users in adherence to Google Chrome's upcoming restrictions (June 2024).

    ⇢ Optimised extension code delivery efficiency by establishing a robust build pipeline, streamlining the development process and ensuring rapid deployment of updates.

    ⇢ Implemented advanced code minification techniques to enhance code security and reduce its size by 20%, resulting in faster loading times and improved user experience.

  • AUG 2023 MAR 2021



    ⇢ Spearheaded the implementation and maintenance of Azure DevOps Server 2020, orchestrating continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines. This strategic initiative slashed deployment timelines and minimised errors while accelerating the delivery of services across multiple on-premises servers.

    ⇢ Engineered the optimisation of the continuous deployment processes through the deployment of PowerShell scripts, further enhancing efficiency and reliability in software delivery.

    ⇢ Optimised the continuous deployment process through the implementation of PowerShell scripts.

    ⇢ Revolutionised the SSIS application responsible for processing Bankers Almanac GPF Plus ASCII files, which validate customer transactions via SWIFT. I redesigned and implemented a daily processing system, replacing the previous monthly XML approach. This innovative solution reduced runtime by an impressive 70% through meticulous testing and code adaptation.

    ⇢ I played a pivotal role in the backend development of the retail banking application, overseeing the creation of the foundational framework and critical modules. This included designing and implementing key features such as user registration, customer profile updates, and secure transaction processing. My leadership in this area ensured the robustness and efficiency of the application's core functionalities, contributing significantly to its success and recognition in the industry.

    ⇢ The retail banking app I contributed to received prestigious awards in 2023. It was recognised as the "Best Mobile Banking Application in Qatar" by the International Finance Awards, showcasing its excellence in the industry. Additionally, the app was honoured with the "Top Innovation in Mobile Banking Award in the World 2023" from Global Finance, further underscoring its global significance and innovation in the field.

    ⇢ Designed and developed a user-friendly web application using Blazor to view application logs. This innovation significantly improved the troubleshooting process, increasing efficiency by 80% and bolstering database access security.

    ⇢ Participated as a lead DevOps Engineer in successfully migrating the bank’s source and version control systems from TFS 2013, Stash, Gitlab, and VSS to Azure DevOps Server 2020, ensuring a streamlined and unified development environment.

    ⇢ Lead the back-end development team on multiple occasions, providing invaluable support and guidance to team members to ensure project success.

    ⇢ Offered comprehensive support to other developers, addressing DevOps and source code management issues and fostering a collaborative and productive development environment.

  • JAN 2021 MAR 2020



    ⇢ Designed, developed, and managed an Open API using Asp.Net Core (C#) for third-party integration. This integration led to increased transaction volume and value and customer acquisition through third-party channels.

    ⇢ Built and maintained a web application using Blazor and Asp.Net Core API (C#) to streamline the code of conduct form signing process. This improved the speed and efficiency of the process while reducing the cost of paper forms.

    ⇢ Enhanced existing applications' performance through code refactoring and adopting new technologies and skills.

    ⇢ Delivered clean and efficient code while working closely with the business team and other inter-teams to gather requirements, implement processes, and develop custom applications to meet business needs.

  • FEB 2020 JAN 2019



    ⇢ Implemented an application that processed international transactions via SWIFT, saving the bank from GPI-compliant fines and increasing the profit for the Funds Transfer team by approximately 50% while reducing the overall transaction processing cost.

    ⇢ Developed an efficient and scalable background service that automated transaction posting for amounts less than or equal to 9,99,999.00 (USD, EUR, GBP).

    ⇢ Enhanced the authentication process on the USSD platform, resulting in a 95% reduction in fraud rate.

    ⇢ Incorporated application logging using NLog into existing applications, reducing the time to troubleshoot production errors and increasing bug fixing time by 70%.

    ⇢ Reviewed and tested existing code for refactoring and bug fixes, resulting in increased application stability and improved overall performance.

    ⇢ Contributed to application development, testing, and debugging and consulted with clients to refine processes to meet business requirements.

    ⇢ Built and maintained a library (C#) that parsed Swift formatted text files (MT103, MT910, and MT942) into their corresponding JSON objects, and could also be used to parse any Swift message other than these three.

  • Present 2017



    ⇢ Web Application for Exchange Management: Designed and implemented a comprehensive web application for a currency exchange company. The application was built using Blazor WebAssembly, Asp.Net Core Web-API, and C#. It was hosted on Microsoft Azure and integrated with GitHub Workflow for continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD). The application currently offers a range of features, including:

    • BDC Transaction Logging and Management: Efficiently logs and manages all BDC transactions.
    • Expense and Transfer Management: Provides a robust system for managing expenses and transfers.
    • Internal Exchange Rate (Currency Swap): Implements an internal exchange rate system.
    • Payslip Creation and Download: Allows the creation and download of payslips.
    • Staff/User Management: Manages staff/user profiles and access.
    • Leave Application Management: Handles leave applications.
    • Real-Time Dashboard: Provides a real-time overview of all transactions and operations.

    The application currently serves two customers, demonstrating its practicality and effectiveness in a real-world setting. This project showcases my ability to develop complex web applications and manage various aspects of software development, from coding to deployment.

    ⇢ User, Event, and Attendance Management Application
    : Developed a web application focused on user, event, and attendance management. The application was built using Blazor WebAssembly, Asp.Net Core, and C#, demonstrating my proficiency in these technologies. The application, hosted on Microsoft Azure, featured seamless integration with GitHub workflow for continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD). The application currently serves one customer.

    ⇢ Implemented integration with SendGrid and Twilio API, streamlining the communication process for job applicants and employers.


  • 2016 2013


    Bangalore University, India